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All About Car Loans - How To Video -

All About Car Loans

Time: 5:24

Financing your new car doesn't have to be scary! Watch our handy How-To video to find out how to secure the best auto financing available to save you money.

Car Buying Checklist - How To Video -

Car Buying Checklist

Time: 3:29

There are so many details that go into buying a new car, it's hard to keep track of them all. Our new car buying checklist makes sure you cover every base. To learn more, visit the New Car Buying Checklist section of our Car Buying Tips.

Car Negotiation Tips - How To Video -

Car Negotiation Tips

Time: 4:04

Does the thought of negotiating with the dealer make you cringe? Learn all of the new car negotiation tips with this easy to understand video from To learn more, visit the Negotiation Tips page of our Car Buying Tips.

Car Rebates and Incentives - How To Video -

Car Rebates and Incentives

Time: 4:15

Find car rebates and incentives in this informative How To video from Utilize the Rebate Center to find the best rebates and incentives and save money. To learn more, visit the Rebates & Incentives page of our Car Buying Tips.

Loan vs. Lease - How To Video - (New Version!)

Loan vs. Lease

Time: 4:40

Find the difference between leasing and buying a new car. The Loan vs. Lease a New Car Video will help simplify your loan vs. lease decision and set you on the right path toward new car savings today! To learn more about this subject, visit the Loan or Lease section of our Car Buying Tips.

Right Time to Buy a Car - How To Video -

Right Time to Buy a Car

Time: 4:10

Figuring out when the right time to buy a new car is just as vital as any other aspect of the new car buying process. Our Right Time to Buy video will help you determine when to buy your new car.

Trade In Your Car - How To Video -

Trade In Your Car

Time: 4:19

Trading in your car doesn't have to be difficult--in fact, you can get top dollar and save money. This video explains the trade-in process so you can save money and time. To learn more, visit the How To Trade In Your Car section of our Car Buying Tips.

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