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  • Software Engineer, DevOps

Software Engineer, DevOps

Posted: April 13 2018

Location: Santa Monica, CA; or REMOTE

We are looking for a passionate and creative software engineer to work in a collaborative environment on a hybrid development and operations team.


  • Develop code, tests, and deployment automation
  • Write documentation, functional tests, and deployment tests
  • Perform code, architecture, and systems reviews within and outside the team
  • Deploy a variety of systems into alpha, staging, and production via automation
  • Help administer a variety of Linux servers, hosting many types of applications
  • Assist in troubleshooting production software systems, off-hours if needed (infrequent)

Technical Skills and Experience We Require:

  • 3+ years programming experience in at least one language: Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript
  • 2+ years experience with Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat) or BSD systems
  • 1+ years of practical SQL knowledge (PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL or similar)
  • 1+ years of scripting in BASH on an intermediate level
  • Ability to use Linux/BSD command line effectively
  • Working knowledge of modern source control (git, mercurial)

Our Technology Stack:

  • Languages: Python, Ruby, Nix Expressions (see, BASH, PHP, Java
  • Tools & OSs: SaltStack, Vagrant, HydraCI, VmWare vSphere, Sensu, ServerSpec, Ubuntu, NixOS
  • Libraries and Software: Apache, Nginx, Pyramid, RabbitMQ, Celery, Tomcat, Debian Packaging
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL, ZODB, SQLite

Our Team:

  • Half a dozen software engineers with a variety of development, systems, and architecture skills
  • Detail oriented, methodical, and strict release engineer
  • Technical leads and managers with extensive development, operations, and QA backgrounds
  • Highly collaborative with Development, QA, and Product teams

People and Teamwork Skills We Require:

  • Experience in development and systems operations (needed for deployment automation)
  • Can plan and manage assigned projects on your own
  • Able to give timely updates and recommendations to your leads
  • Dedicated to learning new skills and technologies on the job with support from the team
  • Collaborative work ethic; ensures regular communication with the team
  • Ability to work with others in pair programming mode and take feedback

Opportunities for Growth and Learning:

  • Assigned mentors help you to learn new skills
  • Team-run classes on variety of tech training (i.e. systems administration, programming languages)
  • Company paid conferences and training
  • Company sponsored time to be active in FOSS and local tech communities (meetups, conferences)

Nice to Have Skills:

  • Existing knowledge of Development and Operations best practices
  • Experience administering common databases, web servers, mail servers, etc
  • Working knowledge of DNS, Load Balancing, HTTP, SMTP, etc.
  • Knowledge of functional programming
  • Familiarity with OO Design Patterns (e.g. Gang of Four)
  • Participation in Open Source community
  • Familiarity with Software and Systems design patterns

Company benefits:

  • PPO health and dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Matching 401K - no 1-year waiting period, immediate vesting on company contributions
  • Performance-based bonus plan
  • Paid vacation and holiday schedule
  • Free parking and more (if on site)

To Apply Click Here is an Equal Opportunity Employer